Year of release: October 2021

Name of the Perfume: Aphélie

Perfumer : Antoine Lie


  • Creation of the fragrance


This perfume was created in creative collaboration between 2 artists, perfumer Antoine Lie and the artistic director of Trudon, Julien Pruvost.


Description :

Aphélie is built on an essential and very current duality: the universal force of nature and the emergence of a determined femininity.


Aphélie stands out in a unique manner: like an aphelion - the orbital point at which a celestial object is furthest from the sun - she lights up. Mysterious, Aphélie is connected to the cosmos: subject to the laws of attraction, she makes one with nature.


A feminine character in chiaroscuro, she ties together infinite wilderness with the ephemeral nature of the human condition.



Year of release: 2021

Name of the Perfume: Eau De Linge 01

Perfumer : Éléonore de Staël


  • Creation of the fragrance

  • Product development


Eau De Linge 01 is the story of a meeting between the perfumer, Éléonore de Staël and the brand's founders. The two worlds have the same goal, "to create responsibly".


Description :


A delicate orange blossom scented linen mist with a touch of cedar and sandalwood with an addictive smell and a very modern vision


99.99% natural ingredients


- An exclusive composition

- An everyday scent

- A sustainable cocoon, a reliable urban scent

- Respected traceability thanks to a trusted partner



Year of release: May  2022

Name of the Perfume: Quatorze Heure En Été

Perfumer : Joelle Lerioux Patric


  • Creation of the fragrance

  • Product development

  • Communication


ALBERTINE, the story of two sisters sharing memories of the beach and moments  of carefree freedom, embodies in a beachwear brand. Today, it is also a perfume created in a sunny and salty spirit by Joelle Lerioux Patric.


Description :


At the heart of this project is the desire for a fragrance conceived as an extension of ALBERTINE and its personality.


The first fragrance was custom-made with a focus on a human and sincere relationship. A unique creation, the result of these authentic moments  of sharing.


An oil between solar vibrations and olfactory addiction, the fragrance of a summer.


A fragrance available in two formats, an oil-based perfume and a perfumed oil for the body and hair. 

Capture d’écran 2021-08-27 à 14.22.01.png


Release year : 2022 

Fragrance name : "Les Intenses" collection

Perfumer : Joelle Lerioux PatriS 


  • Creation of 2  perfumes


Investing in new territory of creative expression in an unexpected and surprising way. Creation of the "Les Intenses" collection.

Grace and Joelle Lerioux Partis win 2 out of 3 perfumes.


Description :  


Go from addiction to pleasure.


Like the brand that has always been a pioneer and has known how to defy taboos to impose its short skirts, its garish colors and its second-skin vinyls that everyone is raving about and which will make fashion's heyday.


1.A lively and addictive Oud with accents of saffron rum which contrasts with the union of the deep and dark note of Luwak coffee and the irresistibly creamy and roasted note of chestnut.


2.A leather biker jacket that opens with an intoxicating liquorice port scent, continues with a burning note of Itxassu cherry and ends with the candied and smoky blackness of prune.